My Footprint from the NetGen.

This is a response to my prof’s blog post on her Digital Footprint @ I think the biggest difference between her post and mine will be the decade that separates us.

I’ve been using the Web in various forms since I was 13. To start we used it to download song on Napster or Kazaa or Limewire. Those were the days of p2p sharing.

My friends and I had this alternative version to Livejournal where we talked about the mean girls at school, it was called Deadjournal. I had a lot of followers who read my journal about being a teenage girl.

I got to learn a lot about html, which I have since forgotten. It’s still out there somewhere on the Web, and I’m not gonna delete it, though I probably should.

Later came the various forums I joined. Then DeviantArt and poetry forums. I’ve had my DeviantArt since I was 16. I’m never gonna delete it, though I probably should.

It’s all a big generational gap. I spent my teenage years on the internet using Myspace and Facebook to find about concerts and events that my friends were attending. I’ll always have my Facebook because if not, I won’t be able to connect.

But now I use the internet for “professional” purposes” like twitter, which I use to learn about Web 2.0 tools like prezi!!

If you search my full name is google, you’ll find my name is not that rare, but you’ll also find that I attended an event call “emo Picnic 5” in 2008, and that I worked here for three years.

I’m proud of the digital footprint I’ve left behind, that it’s diverse, interesting and neverending.

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